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Home Occupation Application

  1. Home Occupation Application

  2. If leasing or renting property - this section needs to be completed

  3. Allowing this home occupation on their property

  4. Application Requirements

    Application must include a floor plan of the residence (can be hand drawn) identifying the room in which will one will Be conducting business. Give the square footage of that room and also the square footage of the entire home Roosevelt City Land Use section under Home Occupations states, “Not more than 25% of the ground floor of the dwelling devoted to the home occupation”.

  5. Permitted uses for a home occupation are determined by fulfilling all the general requirement listed in the Land Use Code under Home Occupations.

    Please answer the following questions and submit any additional information if requested. Thank you.

  6. I have submitted a floor plan indicating the portion of the home that will be used for the home occupation and a business statement.

  7. Does the applicant reside in the home for which the permit is being sought?

  8. Will the business cause a higher demand for municipal or utility services?

  9. Are there additional home occupations at this location?

  10. If you are not the legal owner of the residence, has the legal owner signed the Home Occupation Application?

  11. Is the business incidental and secondary to the residential use?

  12. Does the proposed business require any alterations to the exterior of the residence or enclose the garage or carport area?

  13. Is there anything with the proposed business that would disturb the neighborhood by reason of color, design, materials, construction, lighting sounds, or vibrations?

  14. Will the home occupation be conducted entirely within the dwelling and carried on in the dwelling only by members of that reside in the home?

  15. Will there be any interior alterations for the home occupation?

  16. Will your home occupation need any storage?

  17. Will your home occupation require signage?

    A sign may be attached to residence and shall be no larger than 240 inches.

  18. Is the entrance to the home occupation from the outside the same entrance used by residents?

  19. Will your home occupation have customers coming to the house?

  20. Will your business have vehicles used for the home occupation?

  21. Will your proposed home occupation have employees?

  22. Applicant Certification:

    I certify under penalty of perjury that this application, and all information submitted as part of this application is true, accurate and best of my knowledge. I understand that this Home Occupation may be revoked by the Roosevelt City Council after review and recommendation by the Planning and Zoning Commission, upon failure to comply with the conditions imposed with the original approval of the permit.

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