Current Subdivision Applications


The purpose of this page is to provide information to the public on current subdivision applications that have been reviewed by the Roosevelt City Planning and Zoning Commission. 

Subdivisions applications are reviewed, revised, and approved or denied over multiple steps/ phases. Below you will find information on subdivision applications that have been reviewed during the current calendar year including, subdivision name, approximate location, responsible party or owner, the most current available plat, and the date of the last review/ approval by the Planning and Zoning Commission. 

Subdivision Approval Process

Final Subdivision Approval applications are considered Type I or II decisions under Utah State Code, and as such their approval must not be discretionary and should strictly adhere to the City's standards and criteria set forth in the applicable City ordinances. Each application must be approved if it meets the required criteria below and must be denied if it does not.

  • The application is sufficiently complete and includes all the relevant information, with sufficient detail for review and action, on the application form;
  • The application includes all plans, specifications, or other documents required for such application including availability of utilities;
  • The application is submitted with the required fee; and
  • The application complies with all applicable City ordinances, rules, standards, and codes in effect on the date that the complete application is submitted, and the full payment of the required fee is made.

Link to Roosevelt City Subdivision Code, Title 16

Subdivision Application: Hidden Lakes Subdivision Phase I

Approximate Location/ Parcel Number(s): 00-0034-3259, 00-0035-1361

Responsible Party or Owner: Wyatt E. Griffith

Most Current Available Plat: Link to Hidden Lakes Subdivision Plat

Date of Last Review by Planning and Zoning Commission: July 5, 2023 

Subdivision Application:  Southtown Subdivision

Approximate Location/ Parcel Number(s): 1200 S State Street Roosevelt, Utah 84066

Responsible Party or Owner: D. EYRE

Most Current Available Plat: Link to Southtown Subdivision Plat

Date of Last Review by Planning and Zoning Commission: July 5, 2023