Moving to Roosevelt

These frequently asked questions can help you decide if moving to Roosevelt City is the right choice for you! If you're curious about anything that wasn't addressed here, or want any additional information, please contact our Public Information Officer at


Q: What is the community like in Roosevelt City?
A: Roosevelt is a city with a population of 7,000 people. While it has many amenities and opportunities, it is truly the community that draws people to Roosevelt City. The typical Roosevelt resident is both family and community-oriented. Many of our residents enjoy outdoor activities such as biking, hiking, hunting, and fishing. We also enjoy the arts, and there are many programs for dancers and musicians especially. There is a strong spirit of generosity and volunteerism in Roosevelt. The community regularly bands together in times of need, and many of the programs in our city are run by passionate volunteers. Residents consistently report that the number one thing they love about Roosevelt City is the people who live here.

Q: What activities does Roosevelt City offer for youth and teens?
A: We have a variety of sporting activities, including baseball, soccer, volleyball, golf, tennis, martial arts, and more. We also have multiple dance and tumbling studios, each specializing in different styles and providing a unique training environment. Through our local school district, young people can also participate in active choir, theater, band, and guitar programs.

Q: What type of outdoor recreation is available in Roosevelt City?
A: In addition to the athletic activities mentioned above, Roosevelt City serves as a gateway to a wide variety of outdoor recreation. We are located just 20 minutes from the base of the Uinta Mountain Range, with easy access to its camping sites, mountain biking trails, hiking trails, hunting and fishing locations, rock climbing opportunities, and more. We are also centrally located among other campgrounds, bike trails, and ATV trails. We're surrounded by reservoirs for boating, fishing, and other water activities. Within the city limits, we also have a biking pump track and a skate park.

Q: Does Roosevelt City have a library?
A: Yes, Roosevelt City boasts one of the most active libraries in the State of Utah. Our local librarian, Stephen Moon, was named the Utah Librarian of the Year for 2018. The Duchesne County Library: Roosevelt Branch is part of a coalition of local libraries who share a catalog, making it easy for readers to access whatever book they're seeking. In addition to their catalog, the Roosevelt library also hosts a wide variety of events throughout the year designed to get the community involved and share the love of reading. Highlights include the summer reading program, which broke participation records in 2018, the annual Harry Potter party held each July, an elaborate Christmas gingerbread display, and the Fandom Party held each September, which serves as a local version of a comic convention.

Q: Does Roosevelt City have an annual fair?
A: We have multiple large community celebrations during the summer months. Uintah Basin in Celebration (UBIC) is held in Roosevelt every August, and has the feel of a county fair. It runs for over a week and features events like parades, talent shows, pageants, sports tournaments, and more. It also features three evenings of live entertainment, including a huge concert and fireworks show, all at no cost to the public. Additionally, we host a free concert and fireworks show on Independence Day, and our neighboring city holds a carnival at the end of each school year. We have a huge classic car show every July, and we are located just 30 minutes away from Duchesne City, our county seat, where the county fair is held each summer.

Q: What healthcare services are available in Roosevelt City?
A: Uintah Basin Healthcare is located just a few minutes from downtown Roosevelt City. They are a locally owned and operated, not-for-profit organization, and they are the largest rural hospital in the State of Utah. They offer all the services of a big city hospital, including an emergency department, award-winning Women's Health Clinic, surgical suite, physical and occupational therapy, labor and delivery department, medical/surgical unit, intensive care unit, and long-term care facility. They also operate a clinic with 26 physicians of varying specialties, from pediatrics to orthopedics to gynecology. In addition to Uintah Basin Healthcare, our local health department is very active in the community. They provide basic services, including immunizations, check-ups, drug screenings, and more. They also take an active role in promoting healthy practices within the Roosevelt community. We also have several chiropractors, many licensed therapists, and several alternative medicine practitioners in the city.

Q: What educational opportunities are available in Roosevelt City?
A: We have three public elementary schools, one junior high school, and one high school in Roosevelt City. All of our public schools are newly constructed or recently remodeled. We are also located less than 10 minutes away from a K-12 charter school. In terms of higher education, Roosevelt City is home to UBTech, one of the state's first technical colleges, and the first branch campus of Utah State University. Both institutions have close relationships with our local school district, allowing students to pursue post-secondary degrees and certifications while still in high school.

Q: Where is the nearest airport?
A: The Roosevelt Municipal Airport is a general aviation airport which can accommodate private planes and small jet traffic. The Vernal Regional Airport, located 30 minutes away, offers commercial flights to and from some locations. The Salt Lake International Airport is located 2 1/2 hours away.

Q: What kind of internet service does Roosevelt City offer?
A: Roosevelt is one of the few rural communities in the United States with fiber internet services. All our fiber, internet, and telecommunication services are provided by Strata Networks, a co-op owned by the users, which allows us to access high-speed internet at low costs.

Q: What utility services are available in Roosevelt City?
A: Like our internet and telecommunications, our electricity is also provided by a co-op, Moon Lake Electric Association. They have consistently kept some of the lowest power rates in the State of Utah since the 1980s. Roosevelt City provides water and sewer services, including secondary water for outdoor use during the summer months. The majority of our culinary water comes from fresh water springs.

Q: What parks and recreational facilities does Roosevelt City offer?
A: We currently have four city parks, and have recently acquired land for a fifth. We also have a designated walking park, skate park, and bike pump track. We have a beautiful 18-hole golf course with a traditional front nine and locally-designed back nine featuring a true island green. We also constructed a brand new aquatic center in 2016, which features both indoor and outdoor pools. In addition to city facilities, there are a variety of commercially-owned recreational opportunities. Roosevelt City has two movie theaters with a total of three screens. We also have a drive-in movie theater that is among the last of its kind in the nation. It is open every weekend throughout the summer months. We are located 10 minutes away from a bowling alley, and a new axe-throwing arena just opened in town.

Q: Does Roosevelt City have a Farmers Market or other retailer of organic food and produce?
A: Yes, the Roosevelt Farmers Market is held on Thursday afternoons in Central Park from June through September. We also have two local grocery stores that carry some organic products.

Q: Where is the nearest place to attend a concert?
A: There are a variety of concerts put on locally each year. The Uintah Basin Orchestra and Chorus is a talented local performing group that holds large concerts each year featuring guest conductors from around the nation. Our local Interfaith Council, made up of representatives from the various religious groups in the city, holds community concerts throughout the year. The school district's band, orchestra, and choir programs hold concerts several times each year. We regularly bring in performers for community events such as Independence Day, Uintah Basin in Celebration (UBIC), and Winterfest, among others. Recording artists occasionally travel to Duchesne and Vernal, each located 30 minutes from Roosevelt City, and Salt Lake City attracts major headlining bands and is located just 2 1/2 hours away.

Q: What kind of service businesses can I find in Roosevelt City?
A: We have two grocery stores, four car wash locations, a laundry mat, numerous gas stations, multiple fast food restaurants, a pet store, several beauty salons, and much more. We also boast a small but vibrant food truck scene, and several sit-down restaurants, including an old-fashioned soda fountain that has been open since the 1930s.

Q: What kind of professional services can I find in Roosevelt City?
A: Roosevelt City has a veterinarian, several CPAs, multiple lawyers, an IT consulting service, and multiple engineering firms, among others.