All Forms

Below are links to fillable PDF forms and applications, as well as links to external portals. PDF forms will open in a new window. Please save PDF forms to your computer before filling them out, and then attach and email them to the appropriate recipient. Forms requiring a notary signature will have to be printed and either mailed or delivered to the City offices in person. A physical copy of all forms are available at the City offices. 

Building Permits

Email all completed Building Permit applications to Dean Johnson, 

Business License Division:

Email all completed Business License applications to Taylor Ruff, 



Planning & Zoning:

Email all completed Planning and Zoning forms to Dean Johnson,

Public Meetings:

Email completed Council Meeting forms to Sunshine Bellon,

Public Works:

Email Public Works applications to Taylor Ruff,

Recorder's Office:

Email completed forms to Sunshine Bellon,


Email all completed utility applications to Taylor Ruff,