Roosevelt Memorial Park

Tombstones and Trees in a Cemetery

Roosevelt Memorial Park

240 South Highway 40
Roosevelt, UT 84066

The Roosevelt Memorial Park is open seven days a week from dawn until dusk. Cemetery staff is onsite from 8 a.m. til 4 p.m. Monday-Friday.

Virtual Cemetery Map

Click here to access a virtual, GPS-based map of the Roosevelt Memorial Park.

This map will allow you to search for your ancestors or loved ones by name and will use your smartphone GPS to direct you to the individual grave site.


Drew Eschler, Cemetery Sexton

Cemetery Fees

Type Resident Non-Resident
Cemetery burial space $300 $450
Opening/Closing weekday rate $300 $450
Opening/Closing weekend or holiday rate $550 $700
Weekday cremations $200 $300
Weekend cremations $350 $450
Opening/Closing infant weekday rate (48-inch vault and under) $100 $150
Opening/Closing infant weekend or holiday rate (48-inch vault and under) $250 $300
Exhumation $2,000 $2,000
Headstone inspection  $75 $75
Headstone removal  $100 $100
Headstone location and marking  $25 $25
Original certification transfer $25 $25