Sewer Rates

Utility Connection Requirements

Water - No meter cans allowed in driveways.
Sewer - Backwater device required on all homes.

Sewer Connection Fees For New Service

Type City County**
Single Family Dwelling $3,000 $5,000
Commercial, each building in multiple dwellings or Planned Unit Development $4,000 $6,000

Monthly Sewer Rates

Type City* County**
Single Family Dwelling $25.75
Multiple Dwellings, Mobile Parks and Planned Unit Develpoments
(If each unit or lot has an individual water meter, it is considered a
single  family dwelling)
$25.75 1st Unit
$12.88 Each Additional unit
$38.63 1st Unit
$19.31 Each Additional unit
RV Park $25.75 1st unit
$6.44 each additional unit
$38.63 1st unit
$9.66 each additional unit
Large Commercial-
Laundry, car wash, motel, hotel, grocery, restaurant, eating establishments
public schools, healthcare facilities
$96.56 $144.84
Small Commercial-
Other commercial and professional buildings that are not included in
large commercial
$32.19 $48.28
* Rates are as of January 1, 2017
** Roosevelt City is currently not selling any out of city sewer connections.  County residents that are interested in connecting on to city sewer will need to fill out an annexation petition.