If you live within the city limits of Roosevelt City, water and sewer are provided to residential and commercial businesses through the city. Residences and businesses that reside on county land may also have water and sewer services provided by Roosevelt City. 

K and K Sanitation provides garbage services for residential and commercial customers. For your convenience, garbage fees are included in Roosevelt City utility bills. However, if you need to make changes to your garbage service, such as adding a trash can or requesting a roll-away dumpster please contact K & K directly at 435-722-1244.


Usage Rate and Billing Details

Each month your bill is calculated by Base Rate+ Usage. Usage rates are set per 1,000 gallons and are outlined in the table above. The example below demonstrates how usage and billing is calculated for both culinary and secondary water service (rates differ for each service).  

Water Billing Examples:

Customer "A" 

Culinary Base rate (1" In-City meter) = $40.00

Used  8,000 gallons of water at $1.25/ 1,000 gallon = $10.00 

Water Portion of City Bill= $50.00

Customer "B" 

Culinary Base rate (1"  In-City meter) = $40.00 

Used 13,000 gallons of water.

8,000 gallons are at the $1.25/ 1000 gallon rate, and the remaining 5,000 gallons are billed at the $1.50/ 1000 gallon rate.

8,000 gallons at 1.25/ 1000 gallons = $10.00 

5,000 gallons at $1.50/ 1000 gallons= $7.50

Water Portion of City Bill= $57.50

Total City Bill Example:

Culinary Usage Total+
Secondary Usage Total (if applicable) +
Garbage Service (rate depends on number/size of cans/dumpsters)+
Sewer Fee+ 
Storm Water Fee = 

Total City Bill 

Water Line Material Survey 

The Utah Division of Drinking Water requires Water system operators, like Roosevelt City, to create a water service line inventory. This inventory will track the types of materials used in culinary water service lines to homes.

Image of pipes in a wall with text,  Opens in new window

How to Identify Water Pipe Materials 

The graphic below provides examples of lead, galvanized, copper, and plastic pipes with tips for identifying the pipes in your home. You can also visit https://apps.npr.org/find-lead-pipes-in-your-home/en/#intro for a step-by-step tutorial for identifying lead, and other types of piping within your home. 

an image of lead, galvanized, copper, and plastic water pipes with identification information Opens in new window

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