Public Works

Address:  332 South 100 East
Mailing:  255 S State, Roosevelt, UT  84066
Phone: 435-722-9993
After Hours Phone #:  435-722-4558

The Public Works Department provides planning, construction, operation, maintenance and
repair services of all City-owned facilities and utility infrastructure.  services.  It also provides
maintenance and repair services for the which supports all departments. 

Public Works administers and provides services to the community as follows:

    1. Mainstreet Beautification 
    2.  Waterline Maintenance 
    3.  Right-of-Way Maintenance 
    4.  Paint and Sign
    5.  Pavement Maintenance
    6.  Sewer Maintenance and Repair
    7.  Snow and Ice Control
    8.  Street Sweeping
    9.  Storm System Maintenance 
   10. Water System 

The Public Works Department employees are:
    Kirby Wolfinjer, Public Works Director
    Brian Chipman - Waste Water Director   
    Clyde Stansfield - Streets Director 
    Paul Chacon - Waterlines Director
    Daniel Madsen-Secondary Water Director & Public Works Technician
    Ryan Bastian - Public Works Technician

Water District of Roosevelt City
Ryan Clayburn and Brent Fenn work in this area to ensure that the residents and
non residents that have water to their business or residence without a problem.