2018 Fireworks Restrictions

Fireworks Map 2018

It’s almost fireworks season, and the Roosevelt Fire Department is urging extreme caution this year. Dry conditions have created a very high risk of fire in the area.

The map above shows the high risk areas within our city. Please do not light fireworks in ANY red section of the map. Yellow areas are also at very high risk, and even green areas are considered dangerous this year.

To reduce the risk of fire, residents should only light fireworks near wet grass or pavement. Do not light fireworks near any dry, open field.

According to the Bureau of Land Management, Utah has already tallied 295 wildfires this year. Of those, 269 were human-caused. This means that more than 90 percent of wildfires this year could have been avoided. Roosevelt residents are encouraged to take every possible precaution to avoid adding to that number.

Fireworks went on sale in Utah on June 24. Residents can light them on July 2-5 from 11 a.m. till 11 p.m., with hours extended till midnight on the Fourth of July. Fireworks can also be lit from July 22-25, with hours extended till midnight on July 24 for Pioneer Day. Fireworks are restricted on all other dates.

While it is legal to light fireworks in Roosevelt City this summer, it is considered extremely high risk. Those who choose to light fireworks should take every possible step to keep themselves and the city safe.