1. Annexation: An Introduction For Local Leaders

    Annexation can become an important tool to ensure the sustainability of your community's culture, finances, services, land use, and future development. It is important for local leaders to understand when, why, and how to annex. Read on...
  2. Roosevelt Ranked in the Top 10 Most Affordable Cities in Utah

    Roosevelt is a great place to live. For the last three years, Roosevelt has consistently ranked in the top 10 most affordable cities in Utah. Read on...
  3. What is it like to do business with Roosevelt City?

    As a business owner, Roosevelt would like to hear from YOU!!! Read on...
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History of Roosevelt City

  1. Street

    Beating the Rails

    At first, settlers hurried in hoping against hope that they'd beat the railroad in. They thought they might be lucky enough to get a piece of land that the right-of-way had to cross, even though the route was kept secret. If they got the land, they knew that meant fortune for them. The question wasn't if the rails would come, the only question was "when"..

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