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Roosevelt City Corporation

255 South State Street
Roosevelt, UT  84066
FAX:  435-722-5000

Hours Of Operation
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Roosevelt City Police Dept
255 South State Street
Roosevelt, UT  84066

Other July 4th Events in surrounding areas


Events and Things to Do This Summer

Aquatic Center - Is now open
To register for swimming lessons, pool rentals, schedule of aquatic center
for open swimming,click on the top under "Services" -Swimming Pool

July 4th-
 Roosevelt will host the  RUN at 11:00 am.,
 Constitution Park.  Evening event will include concert, vendors and
 fireworks-Click here and register to enter the Redmud Run




Uintah Basin Car Show  Fri, July 15 and Sat July 16, 2016

Event held at the Constitution Park. Lots of vehicles, vendors and fun

U.B.I.C. (Uintah Basin In Celebration)
Aug 4,5,6   
Big event throughout Roosevelt with parade, concerts, vendors,
various sport tournaments, fireworks, competition and much more.      Do not miss it!